Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Do you like the new look? Thank you Amanda! She is the one who beautified my blog page. :) I love it.

In other exciting news....Anna got her first tooth in! And THAT explains why she has been up at least 4 times each night for the past week. And why she has been fussier as well. The interesting thing is that I have been keeping an eye on her top gums for the past few weeks because they were swollen. I figured her first teeth would come in on top. I had checked her bottom gums several times but they didn't look swollen to me. Then all of a sudden there is a tooth on the bottom! She's kinda sneaky that way. Stinker. Hiding her swollen gums from me. :D I am going to have to keep a close eye on this one.

In romantic news....I got flowers! Matt is so sweet. Every so often he sends flowers and it just makes my month. The doorbell rang this morning and I wasn't surprised it was the FedEx guy since we were expecting a refrigerator part. But I WAS surprised to see a big box of flowers as well! Sigh! Makes me smile thinking about it. Beautiful lilies. They are in buds right now and should be opening in a couple of days. I'll take a picture and post it soon. I love you Matthew.

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Amanda said...

Why, yes -- I do like your new blog look. Very cute, if I do say so myself. :)

Anna, congrats on the tooth. It sure will come in handy.

And way to go, Matt. Flowers are always much appreciated around here.