Sunday, July 13, 2008

I have an iPhone. I am are not. ;)

I am totally cool now. I have an iPhone. If you know my husband you would not be surprised that I have an iPhone. I have his old one. He got a new one this past week when they came out. From what I understand this new one is faster and has GPS. I will admit I have been having fun with it. :) I've already downloaded applications for a few games, Phonesaber (lightsaber!), Pandora...I forgot what that one is already, flashlight (your phone acts as a light, good for coming into the darkened bedroom at night so you don't have to turn on the light and waken the sleeping bear), and I can get to Facebook from it. There are even more cool things about it. Of course you have your phone, can access your email acct, access the internet, download iTunes and use it as your iPod, I have the Bible downloaded, there is a Map app that can locate where you are at using cell towers, text messaging, and you can store a TON of photos on it. I really like it. :) There are more things on it, but those are the ones that I love. Am I becoming a geek techie? I don't think I can even help it when I live with's in the air.

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Linda said...

Ok, I'm starting to think Steve's on to something. As I was getting ready to bite the bullet & publish my blog, I took a quick look at yours and saw that we had used the same template., lest you think I'm just some weird copycat (since you're so cool & I'm not), I changed my template. ;)