Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grandma Joan and Grandpa Doug Visit

Me and the kids have had so much fun hanging out with my parents this past week. Grandpa Doug read and played with all the kids (even fussy Anna!) while grandma Joan and I worked on landscaping. Grandma Joan did 90% of the work and I may have managed to pitch in about 10%. I don't know how she did it in the 105 degree heat! I suppose taking pool breaks helped alot. :) And then in the evenings after dinner we would all get in the pool and hang out together. Anna was also very productive this week. She popped through another tooth! THAT would explain why my littlest one was so very fussy and clingy to her mama.

Grandpa and Anna cuddling.

Grandpa reading stories to the kids.

Grandma taking a dip in the pool with Anna.
Grandpa swimming with Emma.
Anna taking her evening nap.
I LOVE the pink float AND the crocs!
What more could you want? Poolside service!

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Linda said...

Gotta love that pink float with the crocs...quite the fashion statement! :)