Friday, July 11, 2008

Prayer for the Payne's

Dear Lord, I come to you and ask for a special blessing on Amy and Tommie Payne and their boys. They are off to start a new adventure in a new city and while it is exciting it is also hard to leave your friends behind. And Lord, the friends that are left behind miss them too. They are such a fun family! And I am so very thankful that you brought them into my life. They have been a special blessing to us. So, Lord, I pray right now specifically for their drive up to In tomorrow. I pray that Amy and Tomie will be clearheaded while driving and have good weather. I pray that the boys will behave and amuse themselves during the long ride. I pray that it will be a fun time for the family and that they will enjoy each other. I ask for special protection around them during this time. And then Lord, there is the moving in period, finding a house, selling a house, going to a new church, making new friends. Lord I ask that you will be intimately involved in each of those activities. I pray that you will guide and direct them exactly where you want them to be. And I pray that they will be ready and willing to listen to your voice. I am excited for them, Lord, and know that you have some fun stuff waiting for them. Lord please give them the support system they need and please bless them with the desires of their heart. And remind them that their friends in TX love them and miss them and think of them. In Jesus's name, Amen. Thank you Lord.


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Awww... Thank you, Leslie! Apparently, your prayers are working. The trip went very well, we are adjusting well AND our house is SOLD!! Yippee!! You are a dear friend & I will miss you much - but I'm always a phone call or a blog away.