Monday, October 5, 2009

My Littlest Boy is Getting Big

I am excited yet sad. My littlest boy, who in my mind is still my baby boy, is getting big. I asked him if he could stay little and he said, "Ok, I can do that. I can stay 4."

It started when I realized that he knew his letters. I have not taught him that! He has learned them from tv and the computer. I let him play different educational dvds on the computer as his 'school time'. Well, apparently he has been paying attention. I quizzed him on them last week and saw that he knew almost all of them! Awesome! So, today I decided that I would teach him the sounds that the letters make....he knows almost all of them too!!! Can the boy read already?? No, not yet. I can still teach him something. So, today we did his first reading lesson. I wondered if he would be ready to sit still and have a decent attitude about it, but he did great. He understood what I was saying and asking him to do. He followed the directions really well which REALLY surprised me b/c he does NOT do that when doing chores. Surprise surprise... :) And we had fun together. I loved it. Honestly, it's been awhile since I have enjoyed homeschooling. It's been difficult getting all of Ethan's schoolwork finished and it has put a strain on both of us. So, Austin and I spending time together was such a nice breather for me. I realized that he's ready for 'school.' He's had a difficult time lately. I figured that it was because I was spending so much time with Ethan trying to get him ready for school. I think that is part of the reason. But I also think he is ready for something more. He's been bored. So, now that I've gotten Ethan and Emma's school schedules sorted out it is time to work on Austin's. I am really not sure what to do with him yet. It needs to be simple, but he really need to have some fun. He is a very playful boy.

Oh, and he can also already count to 20....learned it while playing hide n seek! It's amazing what the younger ones learn from the older ones...

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Grandma Debbie said...

I knew he was smart all along!! Give yourself some credit girl. You do an amazing job with them. I am very proud of you!!