Sunday, October 25, 2009

Matt Got a Promotion!

Yay! Congrats babe! Matt's (now former) boss took a position at another company leaving a nice spot open. It is a position that Matt was wanting to move into. He had a couple of interviews, was expecting a couple more, but they came back and offered him the position. Hooray! This move also provides the finances for Emma to go to Coram Deo Academy next year. Thank you Lord! I'll admit, I was worrying about that. I figured if continuing at this school was the direction we were to head in then the financial issues would work out, but it's always a little disconcerting when you are not sure HOW those issues will resolve. A few days after we heard the great news, the kids and I baked and decorated a surprise cake for Matt and chanted "You're number 1!" as he came in the door that evening. He was so surprised and loved it! He even thought the cake looked beautiful, which, well, if you have never decorated a cake and then tried to write 'Congrats' with the's not a pretty site. lol! As we surprised him with the cake, Matt surprised me with some beautiful roses! It was a great night all around!


amy said...

Congrats to Matt!!

Aim said...

Yeah! I'm so glad everything worked out for Emma's schooling! Congratulations Matt!