Monday, September 21, 2009

I Got It!

We are a month and a half into the school year and I think I am finally figuring out how to get all three children schooled while keeping Anna from coloring on the walls. Yeah, I got it with my 4th child. None of the others colored or wrote in the walls or themselves for that matter. I have learned that if it is unnaturally quiet in the house then that means Anna has a pen, pencil, marker, whatever, in her hand and is using it on something she shouldn't. How does she get them??? Well, since the other kids use writing implements and leave them laying about, Anna immediately grabs them and puts them to work. She needed a bath today for all of the pen marks all over herself. Then she looks at me and goes, "uh?" as if to say, "now what do I do?" I have to laugh, but if she draws on the wall again I will definitely scream...there's still pencil on the wall I have not been able to get off. Any suggestions?

Ok, so with Ethan going to Coram Deo on Tuesdays Thursdays, I have to help him with homework on MWF. And I have learned that I really can't do anything else with Austin or Emma re: school on those mornings. It is all about school with Ethan and keeping Anna out of trouble. I have been using T Th to run errands and get school for Emma together lately. But now those mornings will be filled with me schooling Emma and keeping Anna out of trouble. Ok, what about Austin and school? I am already giving up part of my precious afternoon quiet time to get certain things done with the big kids while Anna is napping and it is quiet. I can't give it all is my sanity saver! It finally dawned on me today how to do it! Today, Ethan and Emma went for piano lessons and it was just me and the two little ones. We did school! Keep in mind, it's not hard stuff at all and includes play doh of course, but it's just finding the time to give them uninterrupted attention. And 'school' doesn't even have to be or need to be every day for Austin. Only a couple of days a week. Ethan and Em also have a spanish class at a friends house on Wed afternoon. I am planning to spend time with the little ones during that hour as well. Sigh! I am so glad things are starting to fall into place with school.

Now it is time for bed. Two posts in one night!

Nite all!


Grandma Debbie said...

What a JOY to see news on Hargus Happenings! I love this window into your family! It puts a smile on my face when I read what is going on. You are doing a great job with the children...make sure you take time for yourself and for your husband.

Amanda said...

What wise words from Grandma Debbie! I'm so glad you're getting it because we're still learning, Who teaches your kids piano? We're ready to find someone for our kids...