Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Michigan Summer Trip

Our trip to my in-laws went great this summer. :) We decided to head up during summer-time this year so that the kids could get outside and play more and so that we could attend one of the family reunions and see more relatives in one fell swoop. We had been going up during the winters, but now that the kids are older and bigger they need to get outside and get running around. So, we went up for the Minier Corn Roast. :) And boy was the corn yummy! They cook it outside in a big bathtub at grandpa's house. It absolutely poured that day! Then the rain let up and the sun came out which made it a bit humid and hot. I had to chuckle b/c I am used to that sort of weather down in Texas, but the northerners are not! They didn't care for it. :) Well, I don't care to steam outside either, but I was glad to see that I must be getting used to the south because it just didn't bother me as much as I thought it might. We had a great time seeing all the cousins and (for me) re-meeting various aunts and uncles. I told them I needed a family tree with pictures of the people so I could get it all straight. Well, I sort of got a family tree, but no pictures. Maybe that will be my project next year. Line'em all up and take their pictures individually for a family tree for myself.

The corn roast took place towards the end of our trip. When we arrived we didn't see the kids for about two days except for meals. They had a blast playing outside with their cousins. It was cute to see them all getting along so well the first several days. Then they all took turns pairing up with different ones. I loved that they got to play outside so much. They enjoyed grandma and grandpa's yard and cows and the pine trees. Then there was the very cool set of huge pine trees in the front yard that created a natural 'cave' inside for them to play in. We went over to the neighbor's house one evening for a marshmallow roast. The kids played on the swingset and we all took turns at knife throwing. I really like that! Everyone went to the zoo one day. Another day Uncle Jim took Ethan and Matt out shooting rifles. Then Austin, Emma and I got our turn a few days later. Things like that are what I love! I'm so glad my kids have the chance to try these different things out. So very different from what we do around home on a day to day basis.

Matt and the kids and I took a 'family day' and drove 1.5 hrs to swim and enjoy the beaches of Lake Michigan. It was beautiful! I grew up in MI (the eastern shores) and never saw beautiful sandy beaches like those. The 'beaches' are all rocky where I was. The kids loved playing in the sand, being buried in the sand, playing in the water and walking along the docks. It was a great day. To top it all off, not only did we get some FABULOUS FRESH blueberries (if you've never had these blueberries from up north you are missing out!) from a roadside store on the way home, but grandma Debbie and Aunt Julie got together a birthday party for Emma when we arrived home! It was Emma's 6th birthday! It was so incredibly sweet to see her cousins give her presents that were their favorite items! Georgia gave Emma one of her stuffed animals she really liked and Savannah gave Emma a bag of jewelry and hair stuff that she treasured. Matt and I told Emma she would get a new bike when she got home. Em liked all of her treasures.

And the trip up to MI and the trip back went well. We stopped and saw the St Louis arch on the way home. I didn't go up the arch after I saw the 'elevator' that took you to the top. I am claustrophobic and it would not have gone well for me. I felt like I missed out a bit until I saw pictures Matt took while they were all up there. OH! Just as bad! It was so cramped and they only ended up being up there 5 minutes before they came back down. The other thing that made me glad I didn't go up was that they ended up in a 5 seater car with NINE people in it!!! Lots of children sitting on laps and in between makes me queasy just thinking about it.

Arrived home, very glad to be home. It's always exciting and fun to go on vacation but then it is always great to come home your own bed...your own couch. :) I had a crazy week of gathering books and school supplies for Ethan before he started school and we have been going ever since. It was pretty stressful figuring out how to do school with Ethan at home and making sure everything got finished. But I feel like both Ethan and I are figuring it out. We are getting into a groove. Now I just have to spend some initial teaching time with Emma to get her comfortable with what I will expect of her and then I think she will be able to do a good portion of work on her own with me just reviewing things with her at the end of the day. And Austin, well, I'll fit somethings in there for him. I had a great plan to schedule everything, but it is very difficult to schedule anything with Anna being so little. So, we will just play it by ear each day and somehow the kids learn and we have fun too.

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amy said...

Sounds like a GREAT trip! I need to take my boys to see my extended family again. I love watching second & third cousins bond instantly!