Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Statement of Truth

So, I was combing my daughter's hair after she had her bath when she casually mentions something about her 'baby hole'. !!! As my eyebrows fly up to the top of my head, I try to casually ask, "WHAT?". I hear more mumbling about a 'baby hole' and I have a feeling I know who came up with this. So, I ask and sure enough her buddy, Alyssa, coined this latest and greatest terminology. Alyssa cracks me up. Of course that word makes complete obvious sense, after all it is where the baby comes out. So, I proceed to tell Emma the correct terminology, but really thinking that I'm ok with her saying 'baby hole' as opposed to it's correct terminology. I just can't go there yet with my daughter. She's only 5! These kids are funny tho. I love 'em.


Elizabeth said...

ha! too funny! Just send her over to my house, my kids will tell her what it's really called. lol

Randi said...

That's so funny! Lila can fill her in on the correct terminology.

amy said...

That's hilarious! My boys don't have the first clue about female anatomy, other than what's "missing"! ha, ha