Friday, May 8, 2009

Well, our Anna has been sick these last couple of days. Not sure exactly what it is...could be teething...could be something else that's going around. She has had a nice temp the last few days, but seems to be much better today. Just warm instead of leaning towards 'hot'. And I must say, Anna is not good at being sick. She is a fussy whiny sick little one. I didn't realize how 'good' Ethan was at being sick. He just lays there in silence. Not so much with Anna. Lots of yelling and crying and holding letting me know exactly how she feels. It's kind of funny really.

On another note, Anna is finally starting to try and say words. She can say her version of 'bite please', 'thank you', and of course mama and dada. Oh, and she also has some sort of call for 'meow'. She still prefers yelling and she is pointing more which helps. It's a challenge as I am used to my kids talking by now. I was always thankful for that when I saw how difficult it can be for those whose little ones aren't communicating by that age.

Those are all the updates I have for now. :)

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