Friday, May 1, 2009

Just to update, as of about 2 weeks ago I have a brand new neice, Charlotte Pearl. :) Awwww!

On another note, if you can believe it my kids are already in the pool! Have I already mentioned that? Just Ethan and Emma are the bravest ones. Austin went in one day but that was it. And I have not put Anna in as I am not ready to go in myself! Speaking of Anna, she is attempting to say words...sometimes. She is not big on vocabulary....she IS, however, big on yelling to get what she wants. She is also big on climbing. I found her on top of the kitchen table the other day!! And she had a very guilt look on her face as well. She knew she wasn't supposed to be there! Stinker! As I said, "Anna!" She immediately started trying to find a way down. I have to laugh now, but she is going to be trouble when she gets bigger. This climbing is new for my family. The other three were not climbers. 

Well, Imagination Movers is almost over and I still need to finish my coffee. The kids get one more show to watch and I get 20 more minutes. :)

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amy said...

Good to see an update! We miss you guys!!