Friday, June 19, 2009

They're Coming!

My sisters are coming to visit for 10 days!! Yeah! We are all getting together at this time of year so the cousins can take swimming lessons together. It will be a busy week in that regard as we will have 3 classes of swimming lessons each day starting Sunday. Austin and Caden will be taking a class together. Emma and Olivia and Zaynah will be taking a class together. And then Jared and Ethan and Jereme will be taking a class together. So, three classes and three hours. It seems like we won't have much time for anything else. There are some other fun things in the area that we can do it we want. There's a place called Boomerangs which is full of giant bounce house type things. Then there is Going Bonkers...well, you can imagine. ;) It is a huge indoor playplace like you see at McDonald's or something like that. And then there are a couple pools around here that have waterslides. We can't go too far anyways as we will only have the van and will have to make a couple of trips! ha ha! And then of course my sisters and I have to have our girl-time together. There are some movies to been seen and Bellini's to be had! It will be a fun and busy time! Can't wait!

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