Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Gate is Up!

Well, I have good reason to finally put the baby gate up at the foot of the stairs. Up until now, Anna has just lingered at the bottom of the stairs looking up. She might venture up a few steps, but that would be about it. This morning I was doing emails and such and knew she had gone over in that direction, but it was entirely too silent. Then I heard someone playing with the gate at the TOP of the stairs. Sure enough, it was my sweet pea! She had climbed up the stairs and was playing with the gate. I got there just in time too! As I was heading upstairs, she had pushed the gate so it swung back out over the stairs and she was reaching for it! She has already fallen down the entire flight of stairs once and I don't care to have it repeated. Anna also is cruising around furniture alot these days. She'll be up and running before we know it!

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