Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anna is 1 Year Old!

This past Thursday Anna turned 1 year old. My baby girl! Sigh! She has been so much fun. All of my kids are fun, but with each child it is a little different. Anna is different because she is my fourth and I am so much more relaxed with her. I have really laughed a lot more this first year! 

We had a big birthday party planned for her today! Ok, well, really it was just a great excuse to have a get together at our house. :) The typical first birthday parties I have been to in the past have usually resulted in the guest of honor either crying most of the time b/c of all the commotion or the child slept through the party. I think I might have been impressed with Anna if we had had the party today! (Matt started feeling bad last night and it only got worse this morning. So, we ended up having cupcakes with just our family. And I loved it. It was great!) But Anna surprised me! We got her cupcake ready and sang Happy Birthday...and then she promptly dug in! I couldn't believe it! My other kids either didn't like getting their hands dirty or were just so overwhelmed by this time that they wanted nothing to do with the cake...until you put it in their mouth. :) But Anna dug in, squished it all around in her hands, kept licking her hands off, and thoroughly enjoyed herself! Then off to the bath she headed. 

Hopefully Matt will start feeling better tomorrow, but if it's the same thing I had a couple of weeks ago, then it will take another couple of days of laying around the house. Pray that the kids don't get it.


amy said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Anna! :)

Randi said...

I can't believe your baby is one! Happy Birthday, Anna!