Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Loud at My House

I am sitting here in my living room listening to the chaos around me. There are 5 adults and 9 children ages 6 and under in my house. And there might be more to come. I am not sure. Becky and Jesse Griffin and kids are here to visit from Arkansas this weekend. And then other friends from in the area have come to hang out with us too. There has been football-watching (not by me), video game playing (also not by me), and soccer playing (again, not by me). The kids have kept themselves busy with legos and a train set. The adults have been doing most tv activities. I took Ethan to his soccer game where they won their first game of the season! Yay! Ethan played well. I had to bribe him with a doughnut, but you know, if it works...I told him that if he kicks the ball at least 4 times then he could have a doughnut when he gets home. And he did! He usually just likes to run alongside the soccer ball during the game. I might use the doughnut trick again next time. :) Then Becky and I went to the homeschool store and bought some books. I found some great books for Ethan to read in the morning. "Why Does It Rain?", "Where Does Electricity Come From?", "What Is In Space?". Books like that. He will love them. Those are exactly the questions he has been asking me lately. Then home to get the kids dinner and have a rest myself. When I next came downstairs all of our guests were gone! They had gone to a church function at a friend's church. But by then Matt was playing Rock Band at an obnoxiously high volume and so I took Anna, Austin and Emma to the park. It was beautiful out this evening. In the 70s I think. It was perfect. After we got home I took Anna upstairs with the intention of putting her right to bed. But after I changed her diaper and put her jammies on she was wide awake again. I missed my window of opportunity! We played and read books and finally she started rubbing her eyes and I put her down. So here I am....listening to another playstation game. Thinking that it's time to escape from the noise again....having a baby is great for that. :) Oh, I think Anna is fussing...better go get her!

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