Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Girl Weekend!

My beautiful girls and I got to go up to MI for our annual 'Girl's Weekend'! This is the third year we have be able to get together. My sister, Penny, and I and our respective girls head up to MI to join our other sister, Patti, and my mom and our lifelong friend (our 4th sister really!), Heather. We like to make our visit in the fall to see the fall colors on the trees and go to the Cider Mill. It's the best time of the year up there! We also get together with the family and have Thanksgiving dinner while we are up there. (OK, I'm not sure how this section got underlined....)

The cider mill was fun as always! There were alot of things for the kids to play on, animals to pet, and of course cider and doughuts to eat! Sooo yummy! Sigh! I look forward to the cider mill every year. I don't think I will ever tire of it.

This year was the first year we all dressed up in costumes and went to the Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo. Most of our group were characters from The Wizard of Oz. In my opinion, my costume was truly the best! And mostly because it was made with love from Heather. :) It was great! Originally, Heather had a Tin Man costume and I was going to borrow it. Well, when the time came to get everything together she couldn't find it! So, she threw something together...literally! I was held together with duct tape! And lots of it! And to top if off, I was pieced together outside of the entrance to the zoo! It was hilarious! But I loved it. My costume was also the best because I was the warmest! :D It was chilly out that night!

Ok, after I added the pictures everything became an absolute mess. I am not sure how to fix it at the moment. But I am going to head to bed now b/c it is too late. :) At least I got something put up here!

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In His Grip said...

Love it. I want to come. What a special time. Keep it up girl. Yes, your costume was great. Didn't even notice the tape. Good Job Heather.