Thursday, August 28, 2008


The age old question...what to have for dinner? I am sitting here contemplating it. So, I thought I might as well blog while I figure it out.

We have had such a busy summer. So many guests! It has been great. Really! :) It has been incredibly busy and fun. It is now time for things to slow down tho. I am ready for school to start and to get into a regular schedule for me and the kids. They are ready too. Next week I am planning to start school. I don't have everything I need, but I have most of my curriculum figured out. I'm also teaching at our co-op, The Cube, this year. I hope to get those classes figured out next week in preparation for our start date next Friday. Nothing like leaving it all to the last minute! But that is what I do. I always left papers to the last minute in college. If I start early and have too much time to think I can't make a decision on how to approach the topic. I would keep changing my mind. I finally learned to just wait until the last minute and then I would HAVE to pick a topic real fast and go with it. It works for me. :) Not great for your stress levels, but it works out.

I also need to take a training class to be an assistant leader for American Heritage Girls. I am thinking it will be great for me and Emma to do fun things together and for me to see what she likes to do. So, I am looking forward to it this year. Ethan is excited about Cub Scouts. The AHG and Scouts already have some camping trips and day trips planned that will be fun to do.

The kids are taking soccer this fall, too. Ethan took it last year and so far he has done really well at practices this year. I've seen some improvement already! He's a bit more aggressive this year which is a good thing for him. Emma had trouble her first practice. She did not want to participate. Cried every time someone tried to convince her to get out and play. We've only had one practice and then this week's practice was cancelled (not a good thing, she needed to be exposed to it again). I think she may have been more willing if she had some friends on the team, but this is not the case. I recall Ethan being very hesitant about participating the first year he took a sports class. We will give it time. It will be good experience for her.

So, that will be our year. School, sports, and Cub Scouts and AHG. A full year. Good times. :) Hopefully a vacation up north thrown in there. Oh, and rest. We all need some of that too.

As for dinner, I'm thinking it will be a spaghetti night.

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