Sunday, August 17, 2008

3rd and 4th Sightings

The 3rd salamander sighting was in the house....myfriend, Vicki, saw it at 6:30am the other day and caught it and put it outside. A girl after my own heart. :) Of course, she is a veterinarian so I can't imagine her hurting ANY animal. :) Maybe we have a salamander infestation? Is there such a thing?? The 4th sighting was outside. We had friends over this past weekend and one of the boys caught one outside and we put it in a gladware container. The next day we saw them again and I heard he gave it to his brother for a birthday present. Jesse said, "I got a LIVE present!". ha ha ha! Too cute.

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Anonymous said...

They are all over! Caught one at our place too. Josh thinks they are cool and Hannah just runs off. Oh well. As long as they keep eating bugs I'm good with em!