Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Tweet tweet! I succumbed...I am now a Twitter-er. ONLY because Matt has been having trouble getting reception with his phone at work and I was having trouble getting a hold of him. I only found out what was going on when a friend from Oklahoma called to talk to Matt (b/c he thought Matt was home from work), I happened to mention that I couldn't get a hold of Matt, and Steve tells me that Matt's having reception problems and he found out on Twitter. Good grief! I can't even keep up with Facebook so I am not sure I will keep up with Twitter. You never know, I may surprise myself. After all I do now use the Things application Matt bought for me for the iPhone. It helps me get things done. Instead of having lists on paper all over the house I now have them on my phone...most of the time. He wore me down until I finally tried it. It does help.  Back to Twitter, the most surprising thing I found out was that my IN-LAWS are on Twitter! I am way behind the times if they beat me to it! Now you have to update your status mom. :) I'll be watching for you!


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Okay, you're making me feel way low-tech. I just barely made my way onto facebook!